Saturday, April 30, 2005

H2G2, M2, AFBC and RTD2

So looks like this blog is fast becoming a popular culture watch..No apologies, I am a product of the media, as are YOU!!
Ok, item # 1: Watched the much much much anticipated (at least by me!) Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy yesterday. It wasn't as bad a let-down as I feared it would be. It was very entertaining definitely, but at the same time, I felt as if it was almost shallow. Not that the books are a great source of intellectual stimulation, but still..It's the same peeve I have with several books that have been made into the movie - my imagination just seems to do a much better job! However, it is definitely worth a dekko, and I had lots of fun. The new character is interesting, especially thanks to John Malkovich, and the casting of Arthur Dent couldn't have been better. My favorite character certainly was Marvin..if you must be a paranoid android, take a few pointers from him. And Zaphod is much more goofy and almost likeable, which isn't how I remember him from the book (but that was 9 years ago!). I think the film did a terrific job of catering to people who've read the book because they're familiar with Deep Thought and the dolphins and the Heart of Gold, but for newbies, all that stuff just blends into a bizarre movie about bizarre nothings.
Anyway, nutshell review - satisfied, but not tremendously excited about it. My anticipatory impulses are now turned to July 16th, for You-Know-What!
item #2: M2 is Mama Mia, the Broadway was playing here all this week, and let me tell you, it was the most fun I had had for a long time at a show. At the risk of sounding profoundly un-cool, let me announce that the music of Abba RULES!!
And, to add to my already full week of movie/music excitement-giddiness, I got "Almost Famous: Untitled - the Bootleg Cut" from the library yesterday. Almost Famous is one of my favorite movies already, but this DVD actually made me think criminal thoughts of not returning it and reporting it ROCKS!! (Pun intended!) The music, the commentary by Cameron Crowe, and all the special features make it truly special.
So my mind is going slightly mad, as Freddie Mercury put it..It's been saying things like "Mama mia..Don't I go again..rockstars have kidnapped my son...inter-galactic hyperspatial bypass...feverdog!"

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Sting fever/Spring fever?

As you might have guessed, fever was the dominant part of my weekend..but only in terms of time. I've been really down. I think it might be strep throat, coz I can hardly make a sound, my throat hurts so bad...all that partying in LA couldn't have been too good for my system ;)
However, on to more important things - the Sting concert on Friday night. I went against my best judgment because I had paid good money, but more importantly, to satisfy that 18-year old in me who used to listen to Radio Midday and Times FM and dream of going to big concerts and seeing these wonderful musicians live. Now of course, having been to a few, I know it's not that big a deal to do it, but heck, that energy and the lights and the overpowering sound that shakes your very innards loose..phew..some kinda wonderful :) Now, if only it didn't cost an arm and a leg for every concert I want to go to... I was actually rather shocked. Pleasantly. It was so much more rock-sy than I expected. He did do some old stuff (Roxanne, Fields of Gold, Demolition Man, Every breath...), but some other stuff just blew my mind. And then there was some downright bizarre stuff, but we won't go there! There was none of his recent new age stuff..This tour was all about, as I found out later, going back to his rock roots. His guitarist went crazy during couple of solos, there were 2 encores, a LOT of people and almost as much beer, great sound and light effects.. so all in all it was very definitely a Rock Show Experience!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Somewhere only we know

How many times have you tried re-telling a story or a funny incident but it comes out less than funny...And you leave the person thinking you've had one too many, and try to gracefully bow out saying, "You had to be there!"
Well, that happened recently, and however much I try to explain it in words, the experience was such that only the people involved would have thoroughly "got it". We sometimes need to go back to those memories and those times to relive those feelings.
On the other hand, every moment we live has none like it in the past or the future. Someone wise once said, "A man can never cross the same river twice because he is no longer the same man and the river is no longer the same river". I secretly believe though, that sometimes we need to get as close to crossing that river again and again, just to feel that feeling. It helps if we had crossed it with someone who knows how much that meant to you or helped create and shared that experience. (I know, this is an unusually ambiguous ramble, but I don't know..words are have to be in my head you know!)
That brings me to my current obsession - the song "Somewhere only we know" by Keane. I admit I haven't heard any other songs of theirs, but friends of mine have, and some of them saw them in concert and swear that they're the Next Big Thing. This song goes down smooth, and yet, leaves a lump in the throat. Especially if you are in that mood, you know, when songs and cheesy lyrics and movies like Jerry Maguire can get to you.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

LA LA land..

So I'm off in a few hours to the City of Angels, for the annual conference in my field - SIOP. This time, unlike previous years, I am actually going to do conference-related stuff - presentation (my "What were you thinking?" paper!), consortium, volunteering, interviews, and actually planning to attend some sessions and absorb some gyan. SIOP traditionally has been one big excuse to party, and this year seems to be no different...I guess after a while, it's not partying as much as 'networking' and I am gradually growing up to that fact and trying to digest it. Anyways, send me some good vibes for the interviews...I'm actually quite nervous. Tadaa!

Monday, April 04, 2005

Missed opportunity

I'm the lining in the cloud
I'm the profile in the shroud
I'm the coin that you carelessly toss
I'm the junction that you cross
I'm the laughter at a wake
I'm the mistake you should make
I'm the dream that could be real
I'm the green that could be teal
I'm the fountain in the sand
I'm the fingers in your hand
I'm the undiscovered treasure
I'm the length that you did not measure
I'm the box that you didn't unpack
I'm the one thing that you lack
I'm the preview that you missed
I'm the frog that you should have kissed