Monday, October 25, 2010

It's begun

The long, slow slide down the other side of the hill. The feeling of being left behind.
The acknowledgement of ignorance.
The marveling at youth, energy, naivete and enthusiasm. The cruel embrace of cynicism over hope.
I feel old.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Recalled to life?

The reference to "A Tale of Two Cities" is not entirely lame. Not only am I thinking of resurrecting this space, but it's also apt because then this blog will be a good record of my life from two cities - Portland and now, Mysore.
In the years since my last serious attempt at updating this, life has - to put it mildly - changed.
The last few weeks have seen me grow increasingly restless and in need of a good creative outlet. I'm also looking to get back to serious writing, and I am rusty, to say the least. So this space is going to serve as my sandbox, my stage and everything in between.
If any of my previous readers are still around and still RSS-feed me, I'm bowled over and eternally grateful. If any new ones care to make this an occasional stop, I'm humbly grateful. Regardless, as someone wise once told me, remember what and who you write for. And in this case, the answer is unabashedly, selfishly clear. Me. So I welcome me back to the blog-world...drum roll please!