Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Moving beyond jugaad

So I've been back in India for about ten months now. Many others in many other forums have written about their experiences and revelations so I'll focus on just one epiphany I've had. All the hype around India's energy and growth? All true. It's not just restricted to the 'service sector' or to the outsourcing types either. It's true, exciting, entrepreneurial growth, from the ground up. Business sections in libraries and bookstores will yield books written about India's famous 'jugaad' - or creative solutions from atypical sources. Whether it's the makeshift shelter in a water-pipe or the famous washing-machine used to churn lassi, examples of jugaad abound. However, Indian entrepreneurs are moving beyond the current implications of jugaad - temporary, unreliable, cheap, makeshift solutions which are creative, no doubt, but nevertheless, difficult to scale. With our newfound business savvy and global mindset, not to mention our innate flexibility combined with creative problem solving, examples of true entrepreneurship are everywhere. In areas as diverse as tackling social issues like poverty, waste management, road safety, healthcare and education, creative geniuses are combining jugaad-like inspired solutions with business-school-inspired implementation plans. This I believe, is the true secret to India's future success.


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