Sunday, June 01, 2008


Wow, more than two months since I posted here. Blame it on the usual suspects: being busy, lazy, preoccupied, uninspired...
Also then, trust me to use my old buddy, that faithful crutch - popular culture - to attempt a revival of the seemingly lost blogging instinct.
So, for the uninitiated, Lost is this show about a bunch of people marooned on an island after a plane crash. Or so it seems. Throw in hostile 'others', polar bears in the tropics, psycho-social experimentation, magic numbers, intertwined lives in flashbacks (and flashforwards!!), time travel, people coming back from the dead, existential questions about science and faith, and you have a bona fide Headache on your hands. Except, somehow, the writers have managed to keep - and grow - their audience's interests through four seasons. And for a show that threw up more mysteries for every mystery it appeared to touch upon, a la Bellatrix's vault at Gringotts, I am amazed at this larger mystery - HOW has it managed to sustain MY interest? Anyone who knows me would attest that I am a woman who needs answers. Now. Yesterday would be better. So why is it that I am still a devotee, a Lostophile, a discusser-of-the-last-episode-at-the-watercooler-on-Fridays, a Googler-of-Lost-theories, a reader-of-obscure-blogs-analyzing-the-literary-references-in-Lost? Is it the tantalizing little answers they feed you every episode to satisfy your curiosity for just a second, that reinforces my persistence? Is it just my high need for cognition and the desire to be proven right that makes me follow it until some small part of me is less lost?
Speaking of which, I'm entering into that Twilight Zone again - feeling lost in a metaphysical sense. Inasmuch as I'm hopefully preparing for some important changes in my life, I'm suspended upside down at the top of the last loop in the rollercoaster ride, knowing that for better or for worse, this ride is going to end soon. I might come out feeling exhilarated, or feeling a strong desire to empty out my insides. Either way, The End To The Wait Is Nigh :)
(In case someone's actually reading this other than me, sorry for being cryptic!) My newfound love, a group called The New Pornographers, says it best: "We're twisting incognito with no time, can't talk, can't tell if this is fantasy or culture shock, or remnants of a golden age that's near mint unplayed, or a welcome overstayed beneath the lightshow."
In other words, we are all Lost. Take courage then, from that old magician Tolkien, who reminds us that "Not all who wander are lost" and keep looking, friends...keep looking for those answers.