Thursday, July 31, 2008


"I'm young (well, not old),
Intelligent (make that "cocky"),
Flexible (read "not bold")
Yet my boat's a bit rocky...

I'm rich (well, not poor),
Funny (if you're me, that is),
Super fun (yeah, sure!)
Yet, that mark, I seem to miss.

I'm well-read (sagacious),
Interested (in myself),
Interesting (pretentious!)
Yet I remain on the shelf.

I'm healthy ("not dying")
Independent (free hippie spirit)
Successful (not lying!)
Yet missing that perfect fit!

Always the missing piece
The mirage on the horizon
The misplaced keys
Why am I, by fate, always shun?"

Ah, my child, it isn't fate
That's doing the shunning
Move the parentheses, mate,
Sometimes, to the beginning!