Thursday, February 03, 2011

Be dillogical!

It's hard to say where and when inspiration will strike. This time, it's Lays chips and their very clever tag-line "Be dil-logical". It gave me reason to pause and consider where I fall on the spectrum - more dil or more logic?
At work, I'm very little dil. Or so I'd like to think. Until something upsets me and then the waterworks start :)
In personal life, I've been too logical about what relationships are 'good' for me, but then unknowingly, my dil gets me in trouble. The heart and the head are at logger-heads...All. The. Time!
In school, I was too dependable and logical to be any fun. So perhaps that was the least dil-icious time of my life. In college, things turned a little towards the dil side of the dial. And grad school - I pretty much did what my dil dictated for the first four or five years at least. Then I got serious, got a job, worked on my dissertation and got my self-esteem messed up big time, causing the pendulum to swing wildly between dil and logic.
As I write I introspect...and the result of this introspection is that I am neither dil, nor logic...I'm just plain illogical and temperamental and unpredictable! Like the Buddha said, maybe balance is what I need. Or was that from my Calvin and Hobbes comic book?
Like I said, I don't keep track of what inspires my dil...that would be too, hmm, logical :)