Sunday, October 02, 2005

Bridge over troubled waters??

  • Inches of rain in New Orleans due to hurricane Katrina... 18; Inches of rain in Mumbai (July 26th).... 37.1
  • Population of New Orleans... 484,674; Population of Mumbai.... 12,622,500
  • Deaths in New Orleans within 48 hours of katrina...100; Deaths in Mumbai within 48 hours of rain.. 37.
  • Number of people to be evacuated in New Orleans...entire city..wohh; Number of people evacuated in mumbai...10,000
  • Cases of shooting and violence in New Orleans...Countless; Cases of shooting and violence in Mumbai.. NONE
  • Time taken for US army to reach New Orleans... 48hours; Time taken for Indian army and navy to reach Mumbai...12hours
  • Status 48 hours later...New Orleans is still waiting for relief, army and electricty status; 48 hours later..Mumbai is back on its feet and is business is as usual
  •'s most developed nation; India...third world country..oopss...did i get the last fact wrong???"
I got this in an e-mail recently - I don't know how much of it is true, but regardless, it gave me some food for thought. Of course, this report, even if true, obscures some possible reasons for the differences it goes to great lengths to outline (like the difference between a hurricane and other rains, perhaps?). I was thousands of miles away from both places when these tragedies struck, but I heard enough from my friends and family in Bombay to imagine the destruction and havoc caused. Also, having grown up in Bombay, I know fully well the spirit of the city - its never-say-die spirit, its enterprising enthusiasm, its unexpected beauty and generosity of spirit that is often hidden beneath its ruthless business-minded exterior. So maybe there's something to the crude generalization this e-mail tried to make...I don't know. Any thoughts?


Blogger sd said...

Actually, I think this forward is in bad taste. Also, about the number of people dead in Mumbai - I am not sure of that number.

But, totaly agree with you about the spirit of city. So "enterprising enthusiasm, its unexpected beauty and generosity of spirit" is something that would probably be present in much greater "quatity" than many other places around the globe.

7:26 PM  
Blogger Parth said...

I agree that it is juvenile to assert that we have lesser dead people than Mumbai. There is a difference between a category 5 hurricane and an extended downpour. I am all for chest-thumping patriotism and pride in your country, but not at the cost of taunting others in a time of crisis.

8:00 AM  
Anonymous G said...


I got that email too. In the post down pour effect atleast 300 ppl died due to water borne diseases. Comparing 165 m/hr winds with extensive rain is not fair either.

But I am from Mumbai too and am sure that the people would have sturck together with each other during the troubled times.

But the email is not facts just glorification which i dont think Mumbai neeeds.

10:50 AM  

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