Sunday, September 19, 2004

As good as it gets..

There's a line in the soppy-as-hell movie "Bed of Roses" (what can u expect from a movie with a title like that?) in which Christian Slater's character says "Everyone's entitled to a little too much perfection once in a while" or something to that effect. This weekend was one of those weekends when I realized the truth in that statement.
Yesterday some friends and I went to an amazing Arts festival in Tremont (West Cleveland), I bought lovely earrings from an interesting Peruvian couple, and admired all kinds of crazy and beautiful art including a woman who carved animals in wood by burning the wood, a gourd sculpture, lots of breath-taking paintings, etc. We then sat at an open-air cafe while a musician played close by. Went to a quaint little bar where I had Strohs beer (which I have never seen sold anywhere else). Went to Udipi for a great meal, then went downtown for a bit, where we had quite an adventurous time, including almost getting into a cat-fight with this crazy lady who insisted that I had pulled her hair! Had a really nice time overall.Today, I woke up at 10:45 a.m. to a beautiful bright day, clear skies, slight fall nip in the air, still very warm, all that jazz. You know, when I was young, I'd read books or stories that start off with "It was a beautiful sunny morning". Living in Bombay, you fail to realize the beauty of sunny mornings...I mean, EVERYDAY was a sunny day (to put it mildly!) Anyway, I digress :P Soo, it was a perfect day. After a good home-cooked meal of mor kozhambu and vazhaka (typical South Indian fare), a friend called and suggested a walk in one of the many parks/trails around here that make Akron tolerable. So four of us got together and walked for a nice two hours along the river, and then went to a Thai restaurant to replenish any calories we might have carelessly burnt, and then some! Had a wonderfully satisfying meal, and came home to a really nice compliment by way of an online testimonial by a friend. Had Forrest Gump the spaniel pay me a visit - he's my current love..I have never seen a more adorable, huggable, sweet, understanding, obedient, drop dead handsome dog ever.
SOO..good food, great friends, no school work AT ALL, new love (ok, so he's a different species from homo sapiens, so what?!), great weather..what more can I ask for? This, my friends, is as good as it gets!


Blogger Parth said...

Good to know that you had a fun weekend. You should have got into that cat-fight, would have had an addition to desi folklore!!! BTW, what was the statement 'when I was young' doing in there? I can say that at 26, you can't at your age :-) (this is a public forum, so I can't divulge such sensitive information as your age)

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