Wednesday, September 15, 2004

What were you thinking?!!

Just sent out my first ever submission for a conference poster. This is a huge deal for me! And the ridiculous thing is, I am reallly kicked about the title! My paper is called "What were you thinking?! Cognitive bias in applicant responding". In plain English, it's about different ways of looking at the world, which affects how you respond to tests you take when you apply for a job. My main interest is in what makes some people fake on these and others respond honestly? Does faking work?
I started out being my usual ambitious self wanting to submit three papers. One totally bombed. The other is a work-in-progress and I just have to be patient and see if it works out for next year at least. And then this one, which I had the least hope for, actually fetched some results!
Oh well, what the hell..WHAT WAS I THINKING?!!


Blogger Parth said...

What better way to taunt your blog readers than have a title "What were you thinking?" :-)

12:56 PM  

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