Monday, September 13, 2004

book, line and sinker!

It's an occupational hazard of being in love with books - you start noticing things you think nobody else does, that you sincerely believe the author had written just to tease you. Case in point, my recent discovery of the Da Vinci Code. Hidden amidst all the mysterious messages and double entendres and crazy anagrams, is a mystery I thought I was sooo cool to stumble upon. It has absolutely nothing to do with the book, and the author doesn't even mention it apart from the one time.
In the list of Grand Masters of the Priory, is the name Nicolas Flamel. Ring a bell, anyone?? Think about the book Langdon's editor thought was the world's biggest best seller ever.
Another crazy thing about this same book...It has a different name in America. Why is that? Are Americans too dumb to realize the significance of the original title?
Google is a humbling reality check. I realized that others have noticed that reference to Flamel as well. No biggie..doesn't take away the thrill one bit!


Blogger Avinash said...

I noticed Flamel too. Though my reaction to the book was quite different ( You might know this already but it seems that Nicolas Flamel was an actual person who lived in France in medieval times. He dabbled in Alchemy and was said to be in possession of a book on the subject which he was trying hard to get translated into the language of the day so he could read it. He is rumoured to have got the translation and also to have uncovered a great secret. 10 yrs after the death of the couple, their graves were exhumed and the coffins were found to be empty.
BTW if u are wondering who I am, my name is Avinash and I beleive you recently visited my sister in Buffalo.

11:05 AM  
Blogger RTD2 said...

Hi Avinash! Great to hear from u..So it's not just me and Parth that read what I write..that's comforting! And yes, we had a lovely time in Buffalo, as Parth's blog entry must have expresed. It was wonderful how your sister and her friend made us feel so comfortable. Anyway, about my blog entry, I wasn't aware that I had necessarily expressed an opinion about the Da Vinci code; To be honest, I felt slightly let down by it. But the other book I was referring to of course, is the Philosopher's Stone (I hate the corrupted Sorceror's Stone!) And yes, I got the Flamel funda after that book, but was surprised to see him mentioned in the Da Vinci Code.

10:14 PM  
Blogger Avinash said...

I was also commenting abt PS. The funda abt the Flamels and their empty graves assumes significance only with respect to HP and PS. Anyway, I am a great HP fan and love to get my hands on HP trivia. BTW do u have any idea why they changed PS to SS in USA? Also u might have heard that the 6th HP book is going to be called HP and the Half Blood Prince and the US distributors insisted that in the US version, there shud be a hyphen between Half and Blood. Now it seems they are putting the hyphen in all versions.

8:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmm. someone who loves harry potter and is let down by the da vinci code.

2:24 PM  

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